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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Ocean's Twelve - * * * 1/2

Originally reviewed 12/16/04

I'd heard some good things about the new Ocean's movie, and I got a chance to go see it with my work today. I wasn't disappointed. Soderbergh's camera work is always interesting, but never too distracting. The characters are interesting to watch, although some aren't quite as interesting as they were in Ocean's Eleven. And Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of those rare actresses that dominates any scene she's in.

Then there's the sequence in the movie that suddenly breaks into the realm of metafiction (e.g. showing the audience they're watching a movie and calling attention to it). The way it's handled is very tricky, but it works. By the time they're done with this sequence, you feel like you've walked into a house of mirrors. I'd never seen a movie do what Ocean's Twelve did with this sequence, and for me it was worth the price of admission.

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