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Monday, April 26, 2010

Jerry Maguire - * * * *

Jerry Maguire has become one of my favorite movies to watch. First of all, there's a great writer/director behind the film, Cameron Crowe. Crowe is the type of writer who lets his scripts ferment for years before filming them. And while not all his films are at the level of, say, a Jerry Maguire or Say Anything, they are all deeply felt.

Jerry Maguire is full of details that don't hit you on a first viewing. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Bob Sugar (Jay Mohr) asking Jerry "if they're still on for lunch" where Jerry will be fired several times. When Jerry is talking to Rod Tidwell's wife, Sugar interrupts them and then she asks, "Didn't you call our house?"
  • When Jerry goes over to Dorothy's house to go out on a date, there's a point when all the women from the divorce support group come into the kitchen. Suddenly, Jerry and Dorothy are separated, and Jerry almost seems lost in a sea of women.
  • Jerry shows his "tense" look several times before his wedding to Dorothy, when Rod catches it on video and understands that Jerry may not be getting married for the right reasons. The first time we see him give this look is on their first date, when the mariachi band serenades a lone Jerry.
In many ways, Jerry Maguire's symbolism and details remind me of The Graduate. If you haven't seen Jerry Maguire in a while, check it out.


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