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Monday, April 26, 2010

Cheaper by the Dozen 2 - * *

You're probably wondering why I spent money to go see Cheaper by the Dozen 2, right? I can tell you in two words: "Family Entertainment."

I took my five-year-old to see this film, and he loved it. I think the film should be reviewed with a five-year-old mind first.

So, what did my son like?

  • The dog going after the meat under the chair (see Cheaper 1 for a hilarious scene with Ashton Kusher, whose pants have been soaked in meat).
  • The mouse that steals things.
  • Steve Martin on a wakeboard.
  • The fireworks going off at a party because one of the kids put them next to the food warmers.
  • The canoe race.
What did I like?

  • The coming-of-age story about Sarah, who has her first crush. (Most critics seem to have picked this up as their favorite moment, too.)
  • The birth of the baby at the end.
  • The two older kids who follow their dreams at the end, not their parents' dreams.
  • The two parents (Steve Martin and Eugene Levey) who compete about everything--and who are more alike than they know. (alright, it's a cliche, but I liked it.)
  • The dog humping Carmen Elektra's leg (Cam liked this, too, but didn't know why).
  • Carmen Elektra in a bikini (hey, I'm human! At least it wasn't totally gratuitous, since she was out driving a powerboat).
This film isn't trying to be a Best Picture. It's just trying to entertain families who have fewer and fewer options without violence and innuendoes.

Metacritic score for Cheaper by the Dozen 2: 37/100


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