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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Black Hole - DVD

AndyO review: * (one star)

This is simply one of the worst big-budget Science Fiction movies ever made. I rented it to show my son, who also thought it was pretty bad. The funny thing is, I remember it being bad when I was a kid, too, even though I liked the effects. 

Also, never in history has a movie been made where so many wires are visible on the actors and the robots. You think with the millions they spent on this, they would have been able to delete some of those wires. (Remember, I'm seeing this stuff on DVD on a regular TV -- I can't imagine what it would look like on the big screen. Laughable.)

"The Black Hole" shows Disney at its worst -- uninspired and completely out of touch with what makes a good story. I think someone in the story department thought the idea of "Captain Nemo in space" would be a hit after "Star Wars" came out. But what they got was a bunch of horrible acting over some gorgeous effects (Peter and Harrison Ellenshaw, famed matte painters, worked on this film).

There's no doubt that Uncle Walt is rolling rolls over in his cryogenic coffin every time some child or adult watches this.

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