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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Iron Giant - DVD

AndyO review - * * * 1/2

After reading an article about the 50 Greatest Robots Ever in Wired Magazine that featured the Iron Giant, I pulled this one out of my DVD collection to show Cameron and his friends. This movie is one of those that gets better with each viewing. And while it's not really a kids' movie (language and adult themes), most of it is suitable.

Interesting facts: "The Iron Giant" was created by Brad Bird, who joined the legendary Pixar and created "The Incredibles" (probably my favorite Pixar movie). Evidently, Warner Bros. messed up the release of "The Iron Giant"(animation departments being shut down, marketing, etc.). Bird was so scarred by the experience with Warner Bros. that even when he joined Pixar he doubted that a studio would ever support an animated project.

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