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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Music for 9/10/06

Journey: Captured

I'm starting to realize that Journey owns some of the soundtrack of my youth. This live album in particular was one that my brother and I listened to all the time on his stereo. I was amazed at the energy of Journey in concert, and after listening to this again I'm still amazed. Steve Perry's vocals are astounding. But I'm also equally impressed with Neal Schon's guitar work. These guys knew how to write catchy songs and rock the crowd.

Rush: Hemispheres

I've recently learned from the book "Chemistry" that Hemispheres was one of the worst recording experiences that Rush experienced. They recorded all the music only to find that most of it was outside of Geddy Lee's already high range. To me, this album is when Rush's sound really coalesced. Many people think that happened during 2112, which is true to some degree, but that album lacks the detailed mix that has defines every album since Hemispheres. 

Adam Sandler: Shhh...Don't Tell

When I first listened to this, I thought it was crude and not very funny. (And this doesn't mean that I don't think crude humor can't be funny.) But I found myself thinking about Sandler's "Gay Robot" and "Sid and Alex," and when I listened again I found myself laughing.

Outkast: Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below

I've heard so much about Outkast and had never really listened to them. Their sound surprised me. Here was an album with Classical, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rap, and other styles. These guys definitely deserve all the accolades.

John Williams: Greatest Hits

John Williams is the most famous film composer today. His scores are now part of culture -- from "Star Wars" to "Jaws." But when I listened to some of his "greatest hits," I realized that the theme to "1941" was also pretty good -- and that I actually remembered it. "ET: The Extraterrestrial" seems to have aged less gracefully for some reason (I also feel that way about the movie). "Raiders of the Lost Ark" seems to borrow a lot of themes from "Star Wars," which I'd never really noticed until I heard them back to back.

U2: All That You Can't Leave Behind

Still one of my favorite U2 albums.

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