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Saturday, September 09, 2006

DVDs - 9/9/06

Classic Drum Solos & Drum Battles: Vol. 2, 2002 -- * * *

It's amazing to watch some of these drummers who pioneered the drum solo. It's a foregone conclusion that Buddy Rich always plays the best drum solo; he was practically born with sticks in his hands. But of the other soloists on this disc, Lionel Hampton and Louis Bellson also shine. Hampton plays a solo on one drum that is complex and entertaining. While I know Gene Krupa was really the drummer who pushed drums to the forefront, his solos never push the envelope for me.

Weeds - Season 1 -- * 1/2

I just watched the pilot for this Showtime series, and it didn't really grab me. Something about watching a single mother turning into a pot dealer so she can maintain her lifestyle just isn't interesting enough.  

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