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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Marley & Me - Blu-ray

AndyO review: * * * 1/2

There are few films that capture parenting in all its raw glory. If you haven't had kids yet and want to know what it's like, watch "Marley and Me." If you have one or two kids and are thinking of having another, watch "Marley and Me." Oh, and you'll also find out why having a dog can be such a great adventure.

Marley, the dog, reminded me of my childhood dog, Sunny, a beautiful Irish Setter with a taste for wanderlust. (She got her name from Sun Valley, Idaho, where she was born.) I don't think there was a day that went by that she didn't run away. One time we lost her for months.

Even though she wasn't trained, she could hunt and retrieve. She got car sick. She loved swimming in ponds. She liked chasing golf balls on the golf course in our neighborhood, which sent one golfer in plaid pants into a homicidal rage("I'm going to get my shotgun!").

She slept in my bedroom at the foot of the bed.

Sunny was the kind of dog you see a once, maybe twice, in a lifetime. And so is Marley.

Marley & Me

Released: 2008

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Marley & Me

Owen Wilson, Eric Dane, Alan Arkin, Haley Bennett, Clarke Peters, Lucy Merriam,


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