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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rush: Different Stages

I started off this morning listening to Rush's "Caress of Steel," but then remembered that there was a version of "Bastille Day" on the "Different Stages" bonus disc that I really liked. So I changed my Zune over to that album.

Different Stages, recorded during the Counterparts and Test for Echo tours, always reminds me of that dark time after the deaths of Neil Peart's daughter and wife, and how we didn't know if the Rush would ever record and tour again. Another interesting note about this album is that Rush recorded every single show on the Test for Echo tour to see if they could get the perfect concert on tape. Interestingly, most of the tracks on this album come from the Chicago show.

Even though Geddy Lee said this was the last live Rush album, since he didn't think they could make one that sounded any better, Rush has subsequently released Rush in Rio and R30, and has recorded material during the "Snakes & Arrows" tour for another possible DVD and live CD. Rush fans just can't get enough.

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