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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

United Flight 93 - DVD

Review: * * * *

I've been putting off watching this movie for a long time. In short, I didn't want to return to those feelings of 9/11. But when I finally got around to watching this film, I was surprised. First, this is an extremely well-crafted film. Second, the story of Flight 93 is one worth telling -- if even to honor those poor souls who gave their lives on this plane.

This film did bring back those raw feelings of 9/11 -- especially the confusion of that morning. But to watch the events unfold at the FAA facilities and to see the confusion cloud over everything puts this event in a new perspective. Many of the same people who were there on 9/11 play themselves in this film, which also surprised me -- mainly because they seemed like accomplished actors.

This is a fine film that will probably gain a wider audience as the events of 9/11 fade into history. 

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